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eishiya, 2010.09.12 05:55 pm

- I don't know whether I'll miss drawing Shiun as a kid, to be honest. He's much more fun to draw as an adult.

This is the last page of Senka for a while, I am going on my aforementioned hiatus, probably until the end of the semester. It's not because of time constraints (I still have enough free time for pages, and will continue to work on Senka), but because I've been having some trouble writing the chapters, so I think I should take a break and return refreshed and with a nice, fat buffer of pages.

I do have more Senka done, but I think this is the most logical break point.

In the meantime, there is Black Dram, my other comic, which launched today. Black Dram has nothing to do with hiatus, and I've been working on both BD and Senka for the past month with no problems. Senka's hiatus is entirely because I am a crappy writer, haha.

But fear not! Senka will be back. It is the reason I got into making comics, I will not abandon it. I will see Senka to its completion no matter what (unless I die first).

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Reader Comments:

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Shiun is truly handsome as an adult!:)
It's good to take breaks sometimes! I will miss Senka but it's okay, since that hiatus will certainly make the comic even better!;)
And have a good semester by the way!

posted by artbythecat on 2010.09.12 08:57 pm

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Thank you!

I saw you faved BD, hopefully that'll keep you busy until Senka's back ;D

I'm going to take this time to play with different looks for Senka as well as fixing up the scripts, so I really think this will be good for it.

Also, Shiun is only about 17 here, although in his society that's already adulthood.

posted by eishiya on 2010.09.12 09:03 pm

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Whoaaaa, he cleans up nicely<3

posted by Kohikki on 2010.09.12 10:23 pm

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OH Fl;vfl;hjdh Kohikki! You made me realize I forgot something VERY important on this page! Shiun's facial hair ._. It's very important to the plot, derp.

Edit: Updated! Stubble GET.

posted by eishiya on 2010.09.12 10:24 pm

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hes a MAN now

posted by tRickityHouses on 2010.09.13 04:42 pm

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Soooo... 2 year hiatus? UNACCEPTABLE!

posted by Lunapocalypse on 2012.12.29 09:39 pm

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@Lunapocalypse: If it's any comfort, you can consider this particular comic defunct. When I start working on Senka again, I'll be starting over from scratch because I messed up these opening chapters so much.

Chapter 1 was never even canon, the only reason I made it at all was to finally get off my ass and make a comic instead of waiting around to get "good enough." Well, I did start making comics, but I opted to get my practice in on less-important projects instead of ruining Senka more.

posted by eishiya on 2012.12.30 10:16 am

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@eishiya: Fair choice. However from a viewer's perspective I don't see anything inherently ruined, it's great work. It has a really pleasant style. I'll keep one eye out for the redux.

posted by Lunapocalypse on 2012.12.30 09:42 pm

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You are really good at conveying emotion in your characters. I also really like the way you do landscape backgrounds, wished you'd use that skill more often, and have less empty space.

posted by Blahblah1984 on 2013.04.28 07:13 pm

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@Blahblah1984: When there's empty space, it's usually on purpose, though admittedly when I drew these pages years ago, that purpose was not always for the best reasons.
As for landscapes, don't worry. My next project and Senka (once I get back to it) are all about the scenery, and there will be plenty of it.

posted by eishiya on 2013.05.03 03:27 pm

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