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eishiya, 2010.02.16 06:06 pm

- Whoops I'm a few minutes late.
Guess what the hardest part of this page was >>;
Enjoy the creatures while they last. Most of the Senka chapters won't deal with the Eishiya wildlife.

Survey: What were you guys expecting?

Weaved: Then this would be a very short comic, wouldn't it? xD;

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Reader Comments:

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honestly, a mouse or something but that's because there is one in my house lol

posted by CheshireRabit on 2010.02.16 06:42 pm

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THEY ARE SO ADORABLE! I was expecting a cat, or something a lot more domestic-looking than those cuties. <3

posted by Mamo on 2010.02.16 10:54 pm

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I was expecting a dangerous animal, like a bear or something to clamp on his hand. I was so off lol.

posted by Sabriel19 on 2010.02.16 11:18 pm

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.. I was honestly expecting a snake. |D;; A very.. Poisonous snake.

posted by Weaved on 2010.02.17 04:42 pm

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Ah yes, I too thought that his hand would get bitten or otherwise ravaged by some animal. These are much better :)

posted by maddya333 on 2010.02.18 11:31 pm

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I was sure there would be some hand popping out and grabbing the person! srsly :D

posted by Fukairi on 2010.02.23 05:36 am

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posted by constant_boredom on 2010.03.09 06:18 pm

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oh ffff the little grabby hands!!! I MUST HAVE ONE TT________TT

posted by MaryStrawberries too lazy to log (Guest) on 2011.02.12 10:55 am

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