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eishiya, 2010.07.11 06:15 pm

- Ugh, going to use dip pens again after this, the liners bleed.

News! There is now a Wiki for this comic. There are only a couple of articles now, but I hope to write a few more each week. If there's something you want to know first, don't hesitate to request an article.
Check it out though, there's a map of the entire planet!

More news! Since, as you could tell, the upcoming pages are "black" pages and are probably less exciting than pages with faces and stuff, I am thinking of updating the Side Stories. Not sure yet, but if I do, I'll post a link!

I am thinking of putting ProjectWonderful ads on this site soon. Would you guys be okay with a few small ads on the page? I don't really want to do something that'll piss people off D:

Advertisement, 2019.08.21 11:10 am


eishiya, 2010.07.14 11:26 am

Replies - tRickityHouses: These would just be banner ads (probably tiny ones), no sound or animation, and they'd probably be either at the very bottom, or between the author comment and the reader comments, around where the Vote banner is.

I can't stand intrusive or blinky ads myself, so I will never have them on any of my stuff.

Yarochisai: The Wiki is nowhere near done, and some of the basic stats are still off. I'll fix them when I do the detailed calculations later.

Just wait until I start writing the articles on the various languages and cultures ;D This Wiki'll be fuuunnn. I don't know where to begin, really... so much to write!

I painted the map in Photoshop. Not really sure how to explain the process, but it's mostly a lot of cramp-inducing scribbling with a tiny brush. I'm currently working on a similar map for Paradox.

Loom: An ink fetish? ...are you printing out the pages and doing weird things to them? D: Just kidding!
I think you'll like the future pages more, as I am planning to do more nib and brush work rather than liners.

zorrin: It's okay. At another comic forum I frequent, it seems to be an unwritten rule that regulars do not read other regulars' comics, so I sort of follow it here too, even though I shouldn't.
This chapter is way more action-filled and straight-forward than I expected, but this part needed to be done D:

Skwinky: I'm so glad that you're excited! That's my biggest fear with this comic - that it won't excite people or make them want to keep reading. I was never really good at picking out what it is about comics that makes me keep reading them.

LRR: Thank you for all the feedback!
The white/black problem is more than just balancing black/white, but also doing it in a way that's realistic. I think I'm too obsessed with keeping realism, and should loosen up and go for sexy inks instead ;D
Also, regarding page 12 (or wherever the Kuurenzi died): I opted for no scenery at all there because it made the page look crowded, and because at that particular moment, in their perception, that's all there is. They are not perceiving the world, so it made little sense to draw it. Looking back on it, I think I should have added scenic backgrounds in the first two panels, and some sort of ink craziness in the third, while leaving the last free-floating as it is.

rainysidewalks: It's not specifically for the story xP Senka is far from the only story I've set in Eishiya. Not even the first.

xkrazydog: Sorry D: I've always lived in places without cliffs, so whenever I'm near a cliff (when I travel xP) I don't really feel any fear because I'm not conditioned to. ...and because I think I'm part mountain goat.

I don't know what happened with that panel. It looked awesome in the pencils, and then I broke it in the inks.
xkrazydog: Traditional. I try to avoid digital fixes unless something really, really bugs me, so I'll probably leave it as is and do better next time.
xkrazydog: Thanks xD; Look at my Side Stories, stories 2-4 if you want to see my digital inks. They're not as clean xP

Vote for Senka on TWC

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Reader Comments:

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ads don't bother me. unless they like pop up during a vid or something.

posted by tRickityHouses on 2010.07.11 08:02 pm

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Oh no...!

And dude, I checked out the Wiki and the world you made. Now THAT is some detail! And I was wondering, how did you manage make the map?

posted by Yarochisai on 2010.07.11 10:05 pm

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I finally decided to actually give your comic a read (lol I suck) and I must say this looks really interesting. I'm loving how subdued it is (probably not the best comment for this page, but it seems to reflect the beginning at least) and I like the stark-yet-detailed feel to it. Lol I hope that made sense. Definitely faving this now. >>

posted by zorrin on 2010.07.13 01:29 am

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Just finished reading through the comic and I'm really enjoying it so far! Your artwork is gorgeous and I'm excited to see where the story goes~

And I say go for PW! As long as ads are neat on the page and appropriate, I never mind them.

posted by Skwinky on 2010.07.13 04:53 pm

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Okay, and now I'm caught up! I think I understand what you mean now by wanting more/stronger inking. The way you ink is already very good (I'm jealous!), but what you're probably wanting is a better balance between ink and negative space, right? Correct me if I'm wrong, though.

A cartoonist to look at would be Jeff Smith, like his work with RASL: http://www.boneville.com/category/drawing-board/
The way he uses ink gives so much dimension to the
And it's not just ink, but also the way he handles scenes. On several pages, you could stand to vary the panels in a way that would allow you to strengthen the scenery and overall illustrations. This should help with the "white problem," without necessarily making the panels "less sparse." And given your high skill with inking and lines already, I don't think you'll have too much trouble with that. It might be a little more time consuming though =/

Good luck with the comic, and I'm definitely liking the story. I'll keep an eye on this one =)

posted by LRR on 2010.07.13 05:20 pm

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just read your wiki. so much detail! that's very cool that you have made so much history and background for your story!

posted by rainysidewalks on 2010.07.14 07:44 am

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O-oh no ;w;.
That's like my newest fear, go anywhere near a cliff and 99% of the time you can bet i'd be thinking "I hope i dont fall off".
Congratulations for reinforcing my fear. *shiver shiver*

I like the name Shiun 8> it has a nice ring to it. But the expression in the fourth panel is a bit too static. If you dilated his pupils a little and accentuated the mouth it would look more expressive. ~

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.07.14 11:00 am

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Is it done with digital inks or traditional? XD i know the feeling of losing what was perfect pencils with unforgiving inks ;w;. Its not an unforgiveable mistake. Expressions are hard XD.

As for project wonderful ads ;) do it. One or two ads wont interfere with the comic and your layout is clean and clear anyway i dont think anyone would chew you out for it.
FFF- i want to see more paintings from you. *raids your website*

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.07.14 11:35 am

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Whoa >8 The inking is so smooth and clean i thought it was digital. Very nicee.

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.07.14 11:46 am

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