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eishiya, 2010.07.25 04:54 pm

- I hope you like the darkness, there's more to come. This is half of a two-page spread, sort of . It's not a real two-page spread as the two pages are separate and were made separately, but the art matches up fairly closely.

In case you like a little more text with your updates, I've updated the Wiki with articles on Senka and Shiun (watch out for some spoilers, skip the middle two paragraphs in the Kirie section if you don't want to spoil chapter 2). You can get to the Wiki from the new About page. I also got rid of the Formspring link in the menu, you can now get to my Formspring from the About page as well.

Hopefully I'll have more articles for next week. Maybe something more in-depth ;D

The vote incentive is a sneak peek at page 11.

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Reader Comments:

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Here comes the noiiiise.

If those are soundwaves that is :| Maybe I'm just interpreting it wrong LOL.

posted by baeduxai on 2010.07.25 08:50 pm

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The noise he experiences isn't really sound ;D In this case, this is almost literally what he "sees."

posted by eishiya on 2010.07.25 09:12 pm

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they look like human figures

posted by tRickityHouses on 2010.07.26 06:53 am

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He "sees" noises? That is really interesting.

posted by bendomolena on 2010.07.26 03:37 pm

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bendomolena: "Noise" is not necessarily the same as "noises." Noise is not an inherently aural thing, it can be visual as well (such as the static on an old TV). You can even touch noise, if your nerves go haywire... Noise is any meaningless data, regardless of the medium.

posted by eishiya on 2010.07.26 05:44 pm

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These black pages are awesome.
They're really powerful even though there's no illustrations.
I'm loving theemmm.

posted by Kohikki on 2010.07.27 12:20 am

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ASDFGVVFNBGCMDSCXHJNM I thought I favourited this two months ago >:I
Good thing I clicked on your banner again xD

posted by SuperTangerine on 2010.07.28 11:21 pm

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Kohikki: Yay~
I hope they'll be more fun to look at in the future. I'm still working on developing a distinct look/feel to them. They're pretty important, and sometimes black panels will appear in the middle of an otherwise normal page, so I need them to read instantly as [what they are].

SuperTangerine: Yay! Hopefully you really did add it this time? ;D
Edit: it's not showing on your Fav list o:

posted by eishiya on 2010.07.29 07:39 am

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