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eishiya, 2010.08.08 06:05 pm

- Osnaps, this comic just turned hella serious. And look at that, someone still loves him enough to call his name.

I've been working on a new comic recently, so if you're reading Senka for the pretty men (man?) rather than the trees, look forward to it ;D I've been having a lot of fun, so I hope that I can keep going with it and start putting it online soon. It's more fun than Senka so far, which makes me sad ): But don't worry, I will still keep working on Senka, as it's still a lot of fun as well. ...it just doesn't make me have giggle fits like this one does.

This week's incentive is me playing around with the hair on the dudes in this new comic to see if their faces still look right.

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eishiya, 2010.08.10 08:20 am

Replies - ST: He's going to get even more emo before he gets better.

Wolfy: Maybe it is!
It hasn't even been a full day since my last LS yet! ...but I miss streaming too. Today has not been very productive, haha. Looks like I need the watchful eyes of LS viewers...

Kohikki: The "font" is handlettered (except for the parts in bubbles).
And it's going to go horrible places of mental anguish and physical impossibility. Oh wait, no it's not ): No answers for you in this chapter, derp.

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Reader Comments:

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The vote incentive. Aaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha *snort* Loling forever.
Shiun is so emo. What an emo kid :I

posted by SuperTangerine on 2010.08.08 08:20 pm

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it looks liek a hand XD

I miss you livestreams derp <_>

OMG XD BHAHAHAHAHA *dies laughing from vote incentive*

posted by Wolfy_Howler on 2010.08.08 09:36 pm

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I love these.
The font, the feel... and that's definitely a hand, I figure. Gaah, so excited for the next pages. Where's this all gonna go!?

posted by Kohikki on 2010.08.10 04:40 am

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whoah, it's turning into a hand o.o awesome!

and I look forward to your new comic x3

posted by rainysidewalks on 2010.08.13 09:11 pm

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argh! Its allliiivvvveee.

posted by Nym.Katharina on 2010.08.14 11:30 pm

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Whoa, not a font!?
Your hand-lettering is drool worthy.
Holy crap.

posted by Kohikki on 2010.08.17 01:40 am

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