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eishiya, 2010.08.15 06:03 pm

- Meet Ria. She likes flowers, apparently. ...she is also the first female in Senka. The kuurenzi in chapter 1 doesn't count, as those are sexless.

Yesterday, I inked page 14 of this chapter. ...this is significant, as it was the last of the pages I pencilled in... April? May? A long time ago. I've learned a lot about comicking since then, and pages 15+ should be way, way better. Heck, page 14 is probably the worst comic page I've ever made. I am looking forward to pages 15+ a lot! There might be a slight style change, but I think it'll be for the better.
Now I just need to gather up the energy actually pencil pages 15+. I've been so into working on my other comic recently that working on Senka again seems like this weird, alien concept. I hope I can overcome that.

The vote incentive is a comparison of Shiun's face from page 16 of chapter 1 as it changed between drafts (thumb, pencils, inks). I've gotten more consistent since then.

Other comic news: I am hoping to start it no later than mid-February, but hopefully much sooner than that. I wish I had worked up a buffer like this for Senka, haha. Live and learn.

...Obligatory reminder about my Formspring and that there are still books for sale.

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eishiya, 2010.08.17 02:54 am

Replies - Kohikki: I can't wait to get the next few pages over with ;_; Really unhappy with the art on them (but the dialogue is fun).
If I could, I'd letter the whole comic by hand, but sadly my hand-lettering only looks good in the styles I used on the black pages. I haven't developed a good-looking dialogue style yet, but I'm working on it. The lettering is the only thing that's not traditional about Senka, so I'd love to change that.

zorrin: Thanks~ Blurry-hatchy eyes are fun, I hope I get to do more ;D Sharp outlines are overrated. But fff, that crooked nose ;_;

Qwchestr: Thank you! Senka was originally meant to be quite decompressed and way, way slower than it is now (think early Blame!), but when I decided to do it as a webcomic, I sped it up. It's still quite slow compared to most comics, but I like 'em slow and relaxed.

rainysidewalks: I just realized that this chapter introduces three new characters. There's another coming up. Whoa. I don't think this record will be beaten (minor/one-shot characters don't count).

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Whoooa, we're finally out of the black pages!
And we see pretty art again!
(Although those were pretty in their own way too)
I can't wait for the next page!

posted by Kohikki on 2010.08.15 11:22 pm

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Ah, the eyes in that first panel are so pretty!

posted by zorrin on 2010.08.16 07:25 pm

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I really enjoy this comic. It has a very laid back and relaxing type of pacing to it that is very nice. (If that made sense. Just know it's a good thing. XD;; )

The art style is very nice, the clean lines and graphic style are used so nicely! And I love the main character already.

That was a crappy comment, but I like this comic and am looking forward to updates. :) <3

posted by Qwchestr on 2010.08.17 01:00 am

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yay, new characters!

posted by rainysidewalks on 2010.08.18 07:06 pm

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