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eishiya, 2010.08.22 05:43 pm

- That's probably the only hug he ever got.

I think my little Senka-block is over. I got sick and didn't think I'd get to do a page today, but I did.

This week's vote incentive is more Black Dram (my other comic) art. BD is filled with Draco making happy faces, and after all those :) :D =D 8D etc, Shiun's :| is actually more difficult to draw...
I hope you guys don't mind the Black Dram incentives. Aside from Senka pages, which I can't really share early, BD is all I've been doing.

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eishiya, 2010.08.24 10:14 am

- coolbeans: :D Draco will hopefully make everyone :D. He makes me :D

Yarochisai, Kohikki, rainysidewalks: I still think his page on 2.04 is cuter.

tRickityHouses: The mom wears it just to waste my time on inking it.

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Reader Comments:

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An "Awww" just escaped me, yes it did.

Momma ;w;.
I like his expression XD its wonderful. I feel like the mother's head should be bigger though, it seems a little too tall and thin, which is unnatural skull shape in comparison to shiun's.

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.08.22 05:47 pm

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Oh derp, you're right ;_; Is it so terribad that I should fix it and rescan, or can I just try to watch out for it in the future?
...her head might also be turned slightly, hurr. /excuse

posted by eishiya on 2010.08.22 05:50 pm

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Hahah XD it wouldn't take long to fix since her hair is all black you can easily just add on to it. Even so it's a really small barely noticeable. ahh your clean inkinggg. I love itt.

You're expressions have gotten alot better though. I am impressed <3.

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.08.22 05:53 pm

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Aw, thanks <3 I did this page before I started BD, but BD is filled with so many not-:| faces that I feel like I've gotten a lot better. ...I mean, look at the acronym. BD is totally a smiling dude in glasses.

...but Senka will forever be my :| comic, because Shiun is :|

And it's an easy fix, but scanning and cleaning takes forever, and I doubt I can replicate the fix digitally exactly.

posted by eishiya on 2010.08.22 05:56 pm

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Oh god, then we better save this page, and immortalize Shiun's expression for the future 10 chapters LOL.

posted by xkrazydog on 2010.08.22 06:06 pm

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Hah, we do!
...but while it's not a :| face, it's still just 8|

posted by eishiya on 2010.08.22 06:14 pm

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":D" Draco makes me go ":D"
And woo, it finally has a title!

...Poor Shiun.

posted by coolbeans on 2010.08.22 06:27 pm

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D'awwww. He's so -cute-. I love his expression. ><

posted by Yarochisai on 2010.08.22 11:42 pm

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D'awwwwww this page is adorable!
I love his expression during the hug<3

posted by Kohikki on 2010.08.23 12:13 am

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the mom has a cool dress

posted by tRickityHouses on 2010.08.23 06:41 am

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aww, his face xD

posted by rainysidewalks on 2010.08.24 08:13 am

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