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eishiya, 2010.08.29 05:59 pm

- Dreaded doing that bottom panel, but it ended up not being so bad.

The mum has Asian-head, oops.

I am considering taking a break from Senka for a few weeks. If I do, it will be after page 15, which is a pretty nice break point (this story ends). When I come back, I'll have lots of buffer pages, which should really help with the stress.
School is about to start, and I would really like to put lots of time into the future pages of Senka instead of crapping them out between lectures and work.
I'd love to hear what you guys think.

The vote incentive is more stuff from the BD pages. I love their height difference.

Edit: I just flipped through my own archives, and whoa, I miss doing scenery ): As fun as chapter 2 is, I hope it ends soon, I need more trees.

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Reader Comments:

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My gosh, his hair is SUCH a mess. If he were my son, I would've just shaved him while he slept. X3

posted by Yarochisai on 2010.08.29 09:16 pm

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Yaro: It's in water, it'll get neater once it's out. /badart

posted by eishiya on 2010.08.29 09:34 pm

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I... generally try not to fav comics before they reach 50 pages, but goodness if your art isn't beautiful enough to convince me otherwise. This is traditional ink, right? What size of paper do you work with?

posted by sentiashinou on 2010.08.31 04:36 pm

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D'aww, I'm so proud~

The first chapter was done on A4 paper (painful, I hate working that small), the second chapter is on B4, lets me use my nicer pens.

Edit: I used liners for most of it but a few pages ago I switched to using dip pens almost exclusively. So much faster <3

posted by eishiya on 2010.08.31 04:42 pm

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Jeez, unconscious for six hours!?
Poor guy...
I really love the last panel.
He looks so vulnerable.

posted by Kohikki on 2010.09.01 08:34 pm

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He's going to have to pay for the broken nets and lost potential catch, though.

posted by eishiya on 2010.09.01 08:52 pm

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Pah, no he doesn't. It only took six hours because they didn't pull him back in until they caught their fair share of fish. You know what? I bet he was left in the net as -bait-.

posted by yarochisai (Guest) on 2010.09.03 10:42 am

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