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The story of a traveller in a land of trees, clouds, and mystery. This comic will be restarted in the future, once certain other projects are out of the way. Hopefully by then I'll have the necessary comicking abilities. Please check out my horror-ish comic Black Dram in the meantime:

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Chapter 2 delayed

As I feared, the first page of chapter 2 will have to be posted not next week, but the week after that. I will not be near my computer (or any computer, really) for a while. Fortunely, that was roughly the original date I planned to start chapter 2 anyway, hah!

Also, starting with chapter 2, I will be changing the update day to Sunday. Once the double updates start in June, the update times will be Sunday and Wednesday nights.

I hope you guys will enjoy reading chapter 2 as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I'm sorry for what must seem like a delay. This is what happens when I push chapter 1 ahead of schedule :<

posted by eishiya @ 2010.05.28 09:32 pm  -  0 comments


Remember that painting I promised to celebrate 100 fans? I finally have time to work on it!

Come join me <3

posted by eishiya @ 2010.04.12 08:57 pm  -  0 comments

Senka Side Stories

Maybe some of you noticed that I briefly added two pages of a side story today... but since that results in all kinds of weird navigation, I've decided to put the side story comics (more will be forthcoming <3) on a different account. So, if you're interested in Senka stories that are too short to warrant their own chapters, or stories that are not related to Senka but take place in the same world, check out the Senka Side Stories.

These will never be fillers, the main Senka pages are top priority.

posted by eishiya @ 2010.02.11 09:55 pm  -  0 comments

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